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The Mega Millions combinations generator allows you to generate up to 200,000 plays with the option of fixing up to 4 key numbers, which will appear in all the generated plays. Since lottery combinations generate sets of numbers that are close to each other, matching a few of your selected numbers will result in maching several of the sets. Thus, this generator also allows you to analyze the different scenarios, such as "If I get 4 correct, what and how many matches would I get?". The generated numbers can be listed in another browser window for printing. A more detailed instruction is given further down.

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Since Mega Millions had undergone several matrix changes as well as prize structure changes, we cannot list prize amounts associated with the matches. However, in most cases, only the 2 + 0 and 1 + 0 do not win anything while the others are somehow rewarded. Click here for the most recent Mega Millions prize tables.

As stated in the Terms Of Use of this web site, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data and results presented here.

Usage Instructions

  • Select 5 or more Mega Millions numbers on the upper panel and 1 or more Power Ball (extra red ball) numbers on the lower panel.

  • Click on an already selected number to fix it. Fixed Numbers (or Key Numbers) are those numbers you want to appear in all the generated sets. Clicking on a fixed numbers unselects the number. So, clicking on the same number "selects, fixes, unselects" it, in that order.

  • You can fix only one Extra ball. If you have already selected several extra ball numbers and if you try to fix one, all the selected ones will be removed and the one that you clicked on will be fixed.

  • How many you have selected and fixed will be displayed below. Moreover, how many combinations your selections constitute will be automatically calculated.

  • The buttons are initially inactive and will be active as soon as they are able to do their purpose - when there is anything to be cleared or when the number of combinations is not zero.

  • Click on the "Scenario" button to see the different "IF ..." situations of your yet to be generated sets.

  • Click on the "Generate" button to list the combinations. If the generated combinations are 2,000 or less, they will be listed in the right box. At the same time a new button appears to give you the option of listing the results in a new browser window. If the generated combinations are more than 2,000, they will be listed in a new browser window.

  • Note that if you did not fix any numbers, the generated numbers are listed in increasing order of the numbers, like 01-07-13-20-44**22, but if you have fixed some, the fixed numbers will be listed at the end. For example, if you have fixed 1 and 20, the listing will be 07-13-44-01-20**22. This is intented to facilitate the filling of your Mega Millions play slip. That is, first mark 1 and 20 (i.e., the fixed numbers) on all your slips, then go through the generated numbers list to add the first 3 numbers (i.e., the non-fixed numbers).

  • Because of the very large computations involved in combination generation, we have to be careful not to overload our server computer (yours too). So, this tool can generate only up to 200,000 combinations. The "Generate" button will be inactive again when you exceed this value.

  • However, there is no limit to the scenarios. Interestingly, you may mark all the numbers and view the scenario to see how much you would lose if you played all the combinations. Better yet, how much the Mega Millions lottery organazation makes if all the combinations are bought.

Finally, you may check how your combinations had fared in the past by using our Combinations Search. You may also copy the generated numbers and paste them at the List Checker tool of the draw date of your choice.

Usage Example

Suppose you selected numbers that are multiples of 7 (7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56), and from this selection, you fixed the first three.

So, your selction would be :
Fixed Numbers : 7, 14, 21
Other Regular Numbers : 28, 35, 42, 49, 56
Extra Ball Numbers : 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42

This will result in 60 combinations.

Now, if you had played these combinations on Friday, Feb 3, 2012, where the winning numbers were 07-19-21-49-53 MB 35 , you would have 2 fixed (7 and 21) and 1 of the others (49), and also the extra ball is in your selection. Therefore, on the Scenario section click on "If 2 fixed + 1 others + Ball correct" to discover that four of your combinations have matched 3 + 1, twenty matched 3 + 0, six matched 2 + 1, and thirty matched 2 + 0.

Moreover, for further verification and to compute how much you would have won, you can highlight and copy the generated numbers and paste them on the List Checker page. Make sure that you are on the 2/3/2012 date.

Furthermore, you can use Combinations Search page to check how this pattern of numbers performed in the past (without the fixing part).

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