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2013 Mega Millions Annual Summary of Big Winner States

A summary of the states where the jackpot and second prize winning tickets were sold in 2013, the total number of jackpots won in 2013, and the amounts for the year are listed on this page. The data are presented in tabular form with sortable columns where the user can easily identify the state with highest earnings for 2013 as well as the number of Mega Millions jackpot or second prize winners in 2013 in each state.

For example to see which states won the largest total Mega Millions jackpot money in 2013, click on the 'Jackpot Amount' heading. Similarly, you may be interested in the states that won the most and the least Mega Millions second prizes - click on the last column heading.

Mega Millions Participating States in 2013

In the advent of the cross-selling agreement between Mega Millions and Powerball in 2010, all lottery playing states, except California and Florida, play both games. Powerball is not played in CA; Mega Millions is not played in FL. All Mega Millions states are listed in the following table.

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StateJackpot TicketsJackpot Amount2nd Prize Winners
Arizona (AZ)005
Arkansas (AR)001
California (CA)0048
Colorado (CO)003
Connecticut (CT)002
Delaware (DE)002
District Of Columbia (DC)001
Florida (FL)004
Georgia (GA)0016
Idaho (ID)000
Illinois (IL)0015
Indiana (IN)002
Iowa (IA)001
Kansas (KS)001
Kentucky (KY)003
Louisiana (LA)002
Maine (ME)000
Maryland (MD)1$26 mil11
Massachusetts (MA)003
Michigan (MI)2$98 mil16
Minnesota (MN)002
Missouri (MO)005
Montana (MT)000
Nebraska (NE)003
New Hampshire (NH)000
New Jersey (NJ)4$233 mil18
New Mexico (NM)000
New York (NY)0044
North Carolina (NC)002
North Dakota (ND)000
Ohio (OH)1$41 mil15
Oklahoma (OK)001
Oregon (OR)002
Pennsylvania (PA)0011
Rhode Island (RI)002
South Carolina (SC)005
South Dakota (SD)001
Tennessee (TN)004
Texas (TX)1$20 mil19
Vermont (VT)001
Virginia (VA)1$95 mil9
Virgin Islands (VI)000
Washington (WA)005
West Virginia (WV)002
Wisconsin (WI)006
Total10$513 mil293

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